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Hey there! Tim here from Timber Canvas. Blog post #2 coming at ya! KEEP READING AFTER THE IMAGE (or if you can't wait, click here or click the image to go to the product page!).

Nashville Freakin' Tennessee Y'all

First off, thank you SO much for stopping by, clicking over and landing on this site. I’m so glad you’re here.

Second, the main point of this blog post is to give you some insight into some new product Timber Canvas is expanding into. If you’ve been to the home page (if not click here) then you’ve probably seen in the header the the phrase “decor for design.”

Up until now, all the products have been canvas art prints to be used for your personal decor enjoyment or for the purpose of adding incredible art to your design or staging projects. And while I’ve been pumped about this the whole time, the vision has always been more than that.

I come from a design background, graphic design specifically. And so even the art that I’m creating for this business is largely born out of my design knowledge, skills and sensibilities. And while this has been incredibly freeing, inspiring, and fulfilling to be creating these pieces for you to enjoy, I also started all this to create more products that are both beautiful and practical!

Enter —> an expansion of the Timber Canvas product lines! I am working on designs for pillows, flatware, shower curtains, towels, and many other products that are needed to make a house feel like a home and personalize your space. I’m so excited about this to be able to use my design knowledge and skills that have previously just been used to help a few specific clients for their business needs to now be able to expand the reach of my capabilities to be able to provide YOU some great unique decor and home good pieces for your space.

So all that being said, this is the first of many pillow designs that are coming down the pike. Often, it can actually be rather hard to find the PERFECT accent pillows for your space. But my goal here is shorten that gap in and fill that void. And the way I want to do that is by either working with you to create custom pieces or just listen to your feedback of what YOU need or want to see.

But for starters this is the first of a few city specific typographic pillow designs. Being that my current home base is Nashville, TN, I thought that would be a great first place to start. (click here to go to the Pillows Collection page)

So Timber Canvas presents “Nashville Freakin’ Tennessee Y’all”. This product came about as a riff on the “New York F***ing City” designs you see so often around all the touristy gift shops and the like in the Big Apple. With so many people flocking to Nashville, and others I know taking a LOT of pride in being from here or living here, I thought it would be fun to do a southern twist of the blunt, direct, crassness of the New York culture (which I actually have a love for and find refreshing).

So please head over to the product page (CLICK HERE) and take look for yourself! More designs and pieces are coming soon of both pillows and artwork. Some that are in the works/coming soon are some designs for Dallas and Austin, among others.

If you like what you are seeing here or have someone in mind who you know would love what we’ve got going on here please share the products or this blog on your social pages or with them! I am simply here to make the world, and more specifically YOUR world, a more beautiful place. And making this decor for your use is one way I’m choosing to do that.

Thank you for reading this! Please share this or drop me a line letting me know your thoughts or what you would like to see (head over to the "contact us" page or leave a comment below)! See you soon! (CLIK HERE TO VIEW PRODUCT PAGE)



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