8 Ways Timber Canvas Can Help You

Hey there! Tim here from Timber Canvas, and I just want to thank you so much for stopping by! Welcome to the first ever Timber Canvas blog! And clearly by you being on this page and reading this you have followed some link leading you here to know more about what it is Timber Canvas does. So I would love to let you know how we can help you!

So I’m also going to assume that if you are here reading this then you are probably planning for, in mid progress of, or in need of a solution for your interior design, home staging, redecorating, or renovation project! And again, I’m so pumped that you stopped by here to check us out!

Timber Canvas itself was born out of a need for these exact things. (Necessity is the mother of invention isn’t it?) I myself was working on acquiring and setting up a couple properties to be listing on Airbnb here in Nashville, TN and needed art for the walls! This got me super excited. Why? Well, I have always been a creative. My background is a renaissance man’s journey through the modern age. Music, art, design, wood working, etc. Without going into too much detail (will save all that back story for another blog post) my journey after graduating from college led me to get a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Hollywood out in LA. After working for years as a designer I ended up bouncing back to so some of my other passions and new ventures. One of which is real estate. And through THAT it led me to acquiring and investing in these short term rental properties. And in thinking through this, the business side of me thought it might be a good idea to not just buy any old art, but to CREATE my own art that was city specific, unique, and could provide another stream of income by letting guests know that the art they were seeing was also available as a souvenir! Especially since I had the capability to do so with all my graphic design experience.

So that’s exactly what I did. And what happened? I freakin’ loved it!! I loved it so much that I decided to rekindle this old forgotten thought and desire to start an eCommerce art business, a thought/idea I’d had way back in 2011 before this whole eCommerce wave was even a thing. But fast forward to now, and here we are. And you are ON that site! (virtual high five).


So let’s bring this back to how this all relates to you. If you’re reading this I’m going to guess that you are looking for great art pieces and solutions for your space, your client’s space, or your company’s space. So based on what I’ve told you let me further explain how I can help you:

1. I understand design!

Or maybe said another way, I understand the design world. To put it simply, I get it. Projected timelines run longer than expected. Your client wants this done yesterday. Budgets are tighter than you would like (or perhaps not, which is like the holy grail when combined with a client that truly understands your value!). There’s lot of variables to keep juggling.

2. I create my art pieces while thinking like a designer.

What? Yeah. At the end of the day, I’m in this to create the art pieces I want to make. But I also love incorporating the rules of design into my pieces. And of course just simply from the graphic nature of creating something visual there are general rules and concepts that apply by default. Things like line, form, texture, etc. But what I really love is that I get to apply basic design principles to creating awesome looking stuff. Things like the rule of thirds, balance, layout, and trying to think through what end user will experience. So again, while at the end of the day I’m ultimately creating these pieces to express myself, I’m also thinking about how they could be used and how they could be practically applied.

3. I understand uniqueness is tremendously valuable

When working on a staging or interior design project for your space I know that you and others want something relatable to where or who they are or what they’re about. Something is wanted that strikes a chord. And sometimes grabbing that piece from Ross or Target could work and do the trick, but something more meaningful or unique would speak much better.

4. I have mainstream taste

Let me clarify, I still have high standards for myself and want to stay on the classy and timeless side of everything I create. But I also know about myself that much of what I like is stuff that is also popular with a lot of other people. This can translate into my work being very relatable and again, practical/usable.

5. (Probably the most valuable to you) Given the proper circumstances, I can CUSTOMIZE my pieces.

Yep. I said it. This was actually the arrangement I had with my interior designer who I was working with who did the staging for my properties. We worked on the look, design, and brand together. And then I made custom pieces with the color palette we had chosen. After we were done on our project she actually contacted me about making custom pieces for other projects she had going! And not only that, my property manager for my Airbnb operates several others and custom ordered some pieces I had already made to make it fit his client’s space better. As a caveat, this of course is not something I can do ALL the time, but it is a possibility!

6. I would love to make custom pieces for your project!

The beauty of doing this is that I get to create art pieces with specific goals in mind. Of course just like working with any designer or artist, both parties need to make sure its a good fit. But if you are liking the look of what I do (after browsing around the site!) and think something within the style/wheelhouse of what I do would work well for your project I would love to talk with you!

7. Since I understand the design world, am/have been a designer myself, I consider myself easy to work with!

Few things are worse than working with someone who is stuck on their own ego. I’ve run across my fair share of people and clients like that. And my number one aim is to have a happy client with a great product.

8. I am always adding new pieces and thinking of new concepts!

The purpose of why I was put on this earth was to make the world a more beautiful place. Since that’s what I do (or think I’m doing, haha) and why I’m here, I wouldn’t be able to quit even if I tried. So I’m always looking for new inspiration and to get new pieces out!

So if any of this resonates with you, I’m so glad! I just want to take a second to thank you for stopping by and for reading this far! I really hope you enjoy the pieces here and would love to have you take a look around.

I would love to know how I can be of value to you! If you have any questions or just want to say hey send an email to Would love to hear from you! See you soon!

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